5 reasons why you should get into live music photography


If you are looking to get into music photography because you have friends that do it, or just because you like the thought of it on your own terms, then you will want to know the benefits of taking part in doing such a thing. There are hundreds of benefits that make music photography well worth it, and of course there are plenty of disadvantages too. Have a look below at the 5 best benefits when you are a music photographer.

  1. You get paid well – Depending on your overall skillset will obviously depend on how much you are getting per event. Some of the best music photographers in the industry are earning thousands per event and are working for some of the biggest music promoters in the world. There are of course other options jobwise, such as working for magazines or big websites – the job options are endless when you actually get good at doing it.
  2. You get close to your favourite musicians – Of course as a music photographer, you will get backstage passes and get to work right in front of your favourite performers – which is just another one of the many benefits to being a music photographer. Who knows, you may even get your chances to meet some of the biggest musicians in the industry and get offered your dream job working right next to them.
  3. Meet new people – When you are at an event you will get your chance to meet and socialize with the public, as well as other music photographers standing right next to you. This is especially great if you are an upcoming music photographer because you will gain insight on some invaluable tips and make some great friends in the process. The chances are that being so close to the musicians, you may even get to meet them too, whether that is backstage or after the show in question.
  4. Share your experiences with others – When you walk away from the event you will have a huge smile on your face as if you have achieved something special. There isn’t a better experience than sharing your music photography experience with your family and friends, not forgetting social media. The great thing about sharing your photos on social media is that if they are good, they will often be seen by thousands of people who would like to hire your services. So no matter how big or small the event is, you can be sure that it could pay off in the long run thanks to social media.
  5. Get to enjoy the events as a normal person – Of course, when you are taking your shots of the event in progress, you get to enjoy it as much as anybody else, if not even more. You get to see your favourite musicians close up and at their best which is yet another reason to take up music photography. There are so many benefits to being a music photographer in the sense you actually get to be there just like any other fan.

There are so many benefits in becoming a music photography that it would take too long to list. The main benefits above are just some of the benefits you will find when in concerts doing what you love, and you will find there are plenty more along the way. If you enjoy photography, the best photography you can do is in a concert because you will get to breath in the atmosphere as if you were the one on stage performing – it’s a great feeling all round.


Photography by Joe Diaz